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Above: The completed restoration including front Harden hub and Sturmey Archer FC 4 speed rear

This site is dedicated to my Dad, Ken Head who died in June 2014. It details the restoration of his 1948 Raleigh Record Ace, model 26.

He led an interesting life and was married for over 50 years to Joy, his childhood sweetheart. Before getting married they both lived in Redington Road in Allerton, Liverpool. They married in 1955.

He had 2 brothers, Charles (the eldest) and Arthur, with Ken being the youngest by 13 years to Arthur. Charles and Arthur were active cyclists on the club circuit prior and post to the Second World War, with my Dad being active post war. My Uncle Arthur was cycling well into his 80s.

My Dad used to recount journeys undertaken by him and his brothers by cycle- a favourite being to his ancestral home in Bath, undertaken in a day.

After the Second World War Dad was a member of the Woolton Wheelers. I have put some photos of him in the Gallery section of the web site which, with some early photographs, details some classic early lightweight cycle machines.

I discovered my Dads frame in the garage whilst cleaning out in preparation for selling his house to settle his estate. I did not know exactly what it was until I carried out some research.

I knew that this must have been important as it followed him in pieces around the country during several house moves. The frame was in remarkable condition as it had been greased after being put away, probably shortly after he got married in 1955. I remember seeing this as a small child hanging up in the garage, probably in the mid/later 1960’s. In hindsight it was a shame he had not restored it himself.

In a tea chest I discovered some more components for it, like a set of Harden hubs, brakes, stem, pedals and a set of handlebars, along with a myriad of smaller “bits” such as sprockets and nuts and bolts!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the restoration of his Raleigh Record Ace as it is a touch with him to the past, as he obviously enjoyed it so much in its heyday.

This is the story about this particular model and the restoration of my Dads cycle.

Simon Head. Note for any information or a chat relating to the post war (1948-54) RRA I can be reached on 01618189500