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Pre Restoration

Frame Pre Restoration

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The frame is number 18480.

This indicates it may have been manufactured late 1947/early 1948 as the numbering system predates the Raleigh lettering system introduced that year.

My Dad had protected the frame with oil- although it was kept in a garage it was kept dry. As a result the overall condition, for an object some 70 years old, was excellent.

For my restoration I had a number of components that were available as options for the Raleigh Record Ace.

What is interesting is that when I got the frame out of the garage it had a solid bottom bracket axle.

I thought that this was non standard- all photographs I have seen for 1948 Raleigh Record Ace’s show a hollow bottom bracket. However this was not offered¬†until 1949.

I built the bottom bracket up with a hollow shaft which I managed to obtain but will revert this back to original this Winter.