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Eroica Britannia 15-17th June 2018

This took place over 3 days on the 15-17th June. This is our third year camping- in our opinion the festival was not as good as in previous years with the entertainment and stands but was still full of happy bikers. The ride on Sunday, however was excellent.

We rode to the end of the High Peak trail on Friday evening- Simeon came over for the day on Saturday- we organised our own ride to a pub for lunch down the Tissington Trail and then back to the show ground up the High peak trail. We crossed over the trails from Tissington. Simeon then went home.

We decided to ride the 60 mile “Sportsman” ride on the Sunday with Cathy on her 1987 Raleigh Caprice and me on the RRA.

We did cheat as we had done a recky of the ride some 2 months ago so knew the challenging parts! I think psychologically this was very beneficial.

There were four main climbs- one before lunch from Longnor to Earl Stearndale (the shortest and least taxing), the second through Manners Wood at the end of the Monsal Trail (Grim+), the third at Beesley (we called this the Beast of Beesley- grim+++) and the fourth the climb out of Crompton up the incline plains on the High peak Trail (grim++).

The food stops were at Thornbridge Hall off the Monsal trail (fantastic with a great venue and lunch) and at Crompton on the High Peak Trail.

This is staffed by volunteers from Derbyshire County Council. They always put on a fantastic event for Eroica.

All together a great weekend of cycling in fantastic country side!

Eroica Britannia 2018 60 mile “Sportsman” route. Total elevation climbed 5748 ft.

Lunch Stop

The RRA at speed. Lovely machine. handles like a dream. Maximum speed registered 39 mph, lowest pushing up hill!

The RRA on route

On route

The finish. It just started to drizzle!

Cathy at the end. She was probably the only rider to complete the 60 mile ride on a Sturmey Archer 3 speed on a bike made of gas pipe! Amazing but she loves it. She use to tour on a Raleigh Caprice in the 80’s with her friend Zia. Places she has toured on one include Devon and Dorset, the Cotswolds, IoW and Denmark. What a gal! She would be a demon on a lightweight.


Eroica Britannia 2017 16-18 June

This was a fantastic event- the sun shone and the ground was dry.

Both the Saturday and Sunday rides were in hot weather.

This year the event moved to Friden Grange, not far from Bakewell. This was a good call- the site was much bigger than Bakewell and better organised than last year. The site had direct access to the High Peak trail.

On Friday evening we cycled up the High Peak trail with my wife Cathy on her Raleigh Caprice “Doris” to the Royal Oak pub at Hurdlow and then back.

I got a puncture on the way back and found out I had a spare inner tube with the wrong valve! This required a push back but was only about 2 miles.

VCC ride- Saturday (35 miles)

On Saturday we had a ride with the Midland group of the VCC- up the High Peak trail, leaving it at Parsley Hay. I was on the RRA, Cathy on Doris, her Raleigh Caprice. It was very hot!

We came back via Hartington, Hulme End (along the Manifold trail) and Ilam where we had lunch.

Another puncture in the RRA (rear this time) indicated that the tyres were pumped up too high. With the hot weather and hills too much heat was been put into the rims (Conloys) causing the inner tubes to be pinched under the tyre bead. I dropped the pressure in both tyres to around 55 p.s.i.- no problems after this!

The group had 2 more bikes with punctures caused by the same issue.

A really good ride through beautiful countryside!

Eroica Tourist Ride- Sunday (25 miles)

We set off at about 9:15am and covered the 25 mile tourist ride.

This started with a run right up to the end of the High Peak trail, past Parsley Hay and the along Upperblindlow Lane, Netherblindlow lane, Flat Lane and Moor Lane. These are beautiful white gravel lanes- real Eroica roads!. Eventually we arrived in Monyash where we had lunch, accompanied by a brass band- quintessentially British!

This was after about 14 miles.

The run back started with a climb from Monyash to the Tissington trail, with a link back to the High Peak trail via another white gravel track back to the High Peak trail and the Eroica show ground.

Altogether a fantastic weekend!


18th June 2016 Dads bike wins “Best Bike in Show” Eroica Britannia 2016

This was a bit of a surreal day.

I only entered the RRA into the Eroica Britannia “Best Bike” competition by chance last week in the best pre 1949 category. I am not a cycle restorer. I only have ever restored one bike- my Dad’s Raleigh Record Ace.

I was pretty amazed to be selected in the best 3 of class.

Judging took place on the Saturday morning at 10:00 am.

Thinking that that was it- I was happy to be placed into the top 3 of class (there were some gorgeous cycles in the competition). I went on a 20 mile ride with the VCC to a pub for lunch at Chelmorton which also included my wife and daughter.

I got back at about 4pm and dusted off the bike for the final judging at 5.00pm.

The final judging was running a little late but I won my class. I was amazed!

After judging of the other classes I entered the final and was named “overall winner”.

I won an Elephant Bike.

I have given this to my daughter Marion as her student bike at University. She starts in September and is reading Medicine.

Altogether an amazing day!

On Sunday I completed the 55 mile “Sportsman” ride on the RRA.

My Dad has obviously been looking down on us this weekend- he would have been tickled pink that his RRA had won the day!

eroica Britannia (2)

Above: This photo was taking during judging


Above: Final Judging

eroica Britannia (1)

Above: With the winning prize